Nurani Himagar Limited is one of the best cold storage in Bangladesh. It Situated in Munshigonj District. It is very popular cold storage for the local people to store potatoes. The capacity of this cold storage is about 13,800 MT of potatoes.

Business Activities:

  • To establish, purchase or otherwise acquire, run, conduct and operate cold storage warehouse, dry storage and bonded warehouse for preservation.
  • Also manufacture, import, export, repair, renovate and deal in cold storage plants, refrigerator, freighters and other cooling apparatus and appliances.
  • To carry on the business of manufacturing and selling carbonated or other waters, suppliers of heat, power, water gas or brine for refrigerating purpose and to buy, sell, store export and import fruit, fish, meat, vegetables, butter milk and all kinds of food products.

To establish rice mills, flour mills, oil mills and any other mills and factories which may conveniently be carried on with the business of the company.

Our Vision:

To become the most reliable cold storage in Bangladesh to store potatoes.

Business Objectives:

To manufacture, produce, prepare and process ice and ice products also deal in preserving, processing, packing, canning, deep freezing and cold storage of all kind of vegetables, agricultural crops and products, meat, fruits, fish corns, barns, grains, seeds etc.

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